The above photo and video taken while at the Lonach Highland Gathering 2022

Since I was in Scotland on annual leave, I accepted an invited to attend the 179th Lonach Highland Gathering on Saturday the 4th of August.

Covid restrictions had of course prevented not only this venue but all highland gatherings for the past two years. This year hailed the return of the Lonach much to the satisfaction of all attending. The weather on the day could not have been better, adding to what was a splendid day.

I have since returned to Asia and am reminded of the fact that the Malaysian Highland Gathering takes place later this month, in fact on the 24th of September. This will be the 7th such highland game’s organised by the Selangor St Andrew’s Society.

Soon the Heavy’s along with other keen competitors will be arriving from Scotland to compete, the last gathering in Malaysia sadly also took place more than two years ago.

William Gray



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