About The ASEAN St Andrew Society

With its roots in the proud heritage and generous spirit of our Scottish ancestors, the St Andrew Society builds on cultural connections to create a united body of community support and outreach. There are several societies who celebrate Scottish heritage, culture and warmth throughout South East Asia; each are independent and offer a packed programme of activities for their membership.

The ASEAN St Andrew Society was formed to help improve communication, collaboration and support between each of these societies. Much of the region has been negatively affected by the significant downturn in the oil industry. The repatriation of such workers has caused local society membership numbers to fall dramatically. This, in turn, reduces the possibility of hosting local society events such as the St Andrews ball, and the Burns supper both would be much missed by the members of the societies affected. The ASEAN society can also assist in attracting sponsorship to their community work and event programmes as a whole. We also are willing to assist in booking the top names in Scottish entertainment when one of our prestigious member societies is holding a high-calibre event. Our society is non-profit like all St Andrews societies. We seek no financial reward for our efforts.

Why Sponsor the ASEAN St Andrew Society

For any Scottish business and/or brand wishing to promote their goods and/or services in the region, there can be many advantages to sponsoring and promoting Scottish ties with South East Asia. For example, sponsoring the ASEAN St Andrews society enables a business or brand to promote/engage with a group of like-minded individuals in the region. Importantly, most have specifically elected to join their local society because they share a common interest or have a passion for Scotland, and most things Scottish. For a sponsor this is a captive market for the promotion of Scottish goods, and or associated service providers. Members of these societies are predominantly Scottish, most being working expats.

Sponsoring regional society events can, in fact, help to provide a multitude of benefits to the wider communities where each independent society is located. St Andrew’s society events are known to host raffles to help support local charities. The charitable donations are made by the local St Andrews society and help them to ensure that the good work of these local charities do can continue. These donations would, in many cases, be impossible without sponsorship.

A sponsor of the ASEAN St Andrews society has the advantage of access to a dedicated and reliable point of contact. Our society will handle all negotiations with each of the participating local societies, thus ensuring that the promotion of the sponsors’ company and/or brand is well represented. The ASEAN St Andrew’s society will also seek to ensure that the company and/or brand of the sponsor are promoted at all sponsored events throughout the term of sponsorship.

Why join a St Andrew Society?

Should you wish to join any of the regional societies, you can always be assured of a heartfelt welcome. The friendship and a varied range of activities on offer are certainly worth attending. These events hold a special attraction for those of Scottish descent but have an equal allure to anyone with an interest in Scotland. The St Andrews society events are simply not to be missed! St Andrews societies are a source of inspiration for culture, business and entertainment. Scotland is always the main focus at society events. These gatherings are an excellent platform to celebrate our proud nation’s history, literature, cuisine, famous whiskeys and music.