The following office bearers are all ex Chieftains, and have been entrusted to represent the
ASEAN St Andrew Society regionally, each emissary listed by country:

Ian Parkinson
Ex Chieftain Singapore

Born in the Highland haven of Grantown-on-Spey, Ian proudly embraces his Clan Campbell lineage. His formative years amidst the Highlands instilled an enduring passion for whisky and fishing!
From Australia to Alaska, (the latter where he really learned to fish!) to Singapore, Ian’s global journey has enriched his professional and personal life.
Ian remains deeply connected to his Scottish heritage and takes immense pride in Scotland’s global prominence in business, innovation, and tourism. With a keen interest in supporting Scottish businesses grow internationally, Ian was appointed as a Global Scot in 2023.
Ian served on the Board of The Anchorage Robert Burns Appreciation Society and has served on the Committee of the Singapore St. Andrew’s Society for 8 years. Ian led the Society as Chieftain between 2020-2024.
Ian is excited about the opportunities collaboration in the region brings and now turns his attention to support the continued growth and Clanship of the ASEAN St. Andrew’s Society

Andrew Abram Chieftain of Jakarta St. Andrews

Andrew Abram
Ex Chieftain Indonesia

Andrew Abram of Clan Kerr first landed on Asian shores in 1997 since when he has explored the cultures of China, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam always encouraging the local population to embrace the best of Scotland, whether it be the fine fare, the tasty drams or the humour, arts, and rich heritage of Caledonia.  

Originally hailing from the West Coast and well versed in the fine art of Inn Keeping, the second oldest profession, Abram has been extending hospitality to all those in need having worked with Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group for the last 15 years. All slightly strange since he is also a ‘time served’ technician fitter from Yarrow Shipbuilders on Clydeside!

Having led the JAVA St Andrew Society for the last 4 years, including the rather fallow COVID years, Abram recognises the immense support and vision of the ASEAN Society and as he relinquishes the ‘Chieftainship’ he is excited to support the continued growth of Scottish Societies within Asia and beyond.

Carol Wallace
Ex Chieftain Malaysia

My journey in Malaysia began in 2010 when we moved here with my husbands job. We loved KL so much, we chose to make it our home. We’ve now been here for 14 years, along with our African Grey parrot, Pepe who mimics Sean Connery’s voice and whistles “Flower of Scotland” and “Scotland the Brave”.

I previously worked as an HR professional in Shell, Aberdeen, where I met my husband, Alan. During one of my offshore visits, he gave me the guided tour around the facility, plus his phone number!! 35 years later, here we are!

Our expat adventures began in Nigeria, then Philippines, before ending up in Malaysia.

As Chieftain, my HR background set me up perfectly for this role. I have the honour and privilege of collaborating with our High Commissioner and our fantastic sponsors.

The Selangor St Andrews Society organises fantastic events throughout the year, and these are well attended and enjoyed by our guests.

I am supported by a fantastic committee and our fantastic sponsors. The events we put on generate so much for our charities, and, in my opinion, that is the ultimate reward.

Robert Bellavance
Special Emissary

Robert had previously spent 36 years working in the Oil and Gas Industry and as such has traveled and lived in 10 different countries.

A few years ago he chose to retire in Malaysia, and was active in the Canadian Society of Malaysia, he had held the President post during 2021/2.
That being so, he knows first hand the value of sponsorship, which can be cultural for the success of social and cultural events. When he first heard about the uniting of regional societies, he felt that this may if fact be the key to them achieving continued longevity.

He is well seasoned having spent many years as a willing volunteer for social clubs. He was also interested in his Scottish roots.

Originally from Eastern Canada, he has, for many years, sought to know more about his Scottish ancestry (Sterling Clan?).

It was with this in mind that he first became interested in the Selangor St-Andrew’s Society. Attracted to the welcoming nature of the Scottish people, and become involved with the ASEAN St-Andrew’s Society.
Robert has lived in Malaysia for over 12 years, and moreover he intends to stay in the country and is a resourceful volunteer.

He has since 2021 attended several regional St Andrew’s society events representing The ASEAN St Andrew society.

David Cumming
Ex Chieftain Thailand

David Cumming is from Ceres in Fife and is part of a proud Clan Cumming whose ancestors hails from the Elgin area. Having attended Robert Gordons in Aberdeen before studying Hotel Management, David then quickly made his way to firstly London and then onto the foreign pastures of the Middle East and now Asia, holding many prestigious and prominent roles within the Hospitality Industry.

During his travels of over 30 years David has played a prominent part in the St Andrews Society world wherever he has been, being involved in Abu Dhabi, Oman and then most recently Thailand, where he has been for the last 21 years before recently just taking up a new post in Hanoi, Vietnam. Having spent over 16 years with the Bangkok St Andrews Society, committee, 3 as Vice Chieftain and 4 as Chieftain, David knows the challenges faced by societies in driving both membership, sponsorship and recognition in today’s every changing world. The formation of the ASEAN Society is a step in the right direction it has already brought regional cooperation, and it’s this working together which has continued to grow into the unity seen today. Working together has not only brought each of the member societies countries and cultures closer together but has also ensured greater visibility, continuity and additional sponsorship. It is such sponsorship that assists the societies and events to not only continue long into the future but at a standard we as Scot’s can all be proud of.

Scott Semple
Ex Chieftain Hongkong

Born in Hong Kong, I spent my early years immersed in the vibrant city
before embarking on a new chapter in Glasgow, Scotland. However, the allure of my birthplace eventually drew me back in 2004, and I have since called Hong Kong my home.

With an architectural background, I have found my passion in the
construction industry, where I work as a digital engineer. I am deeply
involved in the field, utilizing technology to enhance and streamline
construction processes.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I am an avid footballer and a dedicated
supporter of all Scottish national teams, regardless of the sport. Sports
hold a special place in my heart, and I find joy in actively participating
and cheering on my favourite teams.

Moreover, I believe in giving back to the community. I volunteer for two
charities, one of these is the Indochina Starfish Foundation, where I am
humbled to contribute my time to make a positive impact on the lives of
underprivileged children in Cambodia. Additionally, I am proud to serve on
the board of the Hong Kong branch of the My Name’s Doddie Foundation,
championing its noble cause in the search for a cure for MND.

In 2016, I joined the Hong Kong St. Andrew’s Society, an organization that
dates to 1882 and to this day still celebrates Scottish culture and fosters
a sense of community among its members. It was an immense honour to serve as their chieftain from 2022 to 2023, further deepening my connection to my Scottish roots. And it’s with this in mind that I now serve and hold office as the Hong Kong representative for the ASEAN St Andrews society. Working together brings collaboration, unity and additional sponsorship which can only be good news.